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We are pleased to be part of the economic change towards more sustainability and humanity.


We are diverse like the world of tomorrow, we tackle what needs to be done:
With the vision of a happy society and a life-friendly environment, we are not taking the easiest path, but we are heading in the right direction.

If that’s not good news!

Press releases and articles

11.2023: Stadtrevue


11.2022: Contraste


26.01.2022: Papstar – Street Food Award Duisburg




11.02.2019: Geheimtipp Köln


01.2018: Mit Vergnügen Tipps


01.2018: Mit Vergnügen


21.09.2016: Bonn Sustainability Portal


14.01.2016: JobVerde


08.01.2016: lifePR


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